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'FÜHL DIE WELT DURCH MEINE HAUT - Observations on everyday racism'

'FÜHL DIE WELT DURCH MEINE HAUT - Observations on everyday racism' is a contemporary dance piece about everyday racism. Everyday racism describes circumstances in which a white ethnic majority categorizes 'non-white' minorities as 'foreign' based on their  appearance. An 'otherness' is ascribed which the white majority uses, consciously and unconsciously, in their interactions with minorities, as a defining measure of their belonging, character, 'normalcy' and abilities, resulting in unfair, derogatory and exclusionary treatment. This phenomenon is also known as 'Othering'.


What emotions does everyday racism trigger? What are the historical origins of everyday racism? How does it manifest in our everyday life  and how do we talk about it? What coping mechanisms do the affected have?  'FÜHL DIE WELT DURCH MEINE HAUT - Observations on everyday racism' explores these questions through dance while offering a change of perspective based on a thought-experiment : 


What would a society look like in which Black people and People of Color, as the dominant social group, do not experience everyday racism whereas white people, who are not part of the dominant social group, experience everyday racism? 


By engaging with the topic of everyday racism through movement, a complementary approach to the  academic and theoretical discourse on racism is pursued as a means to promote processes of sensitization, self-reflection and self-education, which are fundamental to the active combating of racism. 


What would your life look like, in a world where only white people experience everyday racism?


Concept and choreography: Khadidiatou Bangoura 

Dance & Choreography: Khadidiatou Bangoura, Janaina Domingos,Bawelima Dessa Ganda, Mareile Gnep, Joana Kern, Maria Eugenia Lapadula Plà, Emiko Tamura

Assistant: Waithera Schreyeck

Costume Design: Douakro Kante

Photography and Set Design: Lorena Spülbeck 

Music & Sound Editing: Tatiana Heuman

Videography: Tobi Meneses

Outside Eye: Horacio Macuacua, Tuan Ly, Samuel Wilsi

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