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A dance workshop for blind, visually impaired and sighted persons


16:00 - 19:00

Studio 5

TanzFaktur Köln

Please direct your questions, book your spot and get payment information under the following phone number 0151 677 48231 or by e-mail :

Dance is usually understood  as a visual art form that is transmitted and practiced through sight, which can make it difficult for visually-impaired and blind people to practice this art form. This workshop offers to approach dance as a sensory experience; as a form of expression and a communication method. Interested blind and visually impaired people are offered to get to know dance in the form of creativity, freedom of movement and narrative, through descriptions, tactile interactions and auditory impulses.


The focus of the workshop is on exploring dance and personal movement languages in relation to musicality. The name of the workshop is based on the song title ’‘Dance to the music!’ by the music group ‘Sly & The Family Stone’ from 1968. But what does it mean to dance to the music? How can musicality be expressed? By following the beat, the rhythms, the lyrics, the melodies? Is it about matching the texture, vibe and atmosphere of a piece of music? All of that and much more will be explored as we seek to question, develop, enhance, and enjoy the musicality in our dancing. Using various tools rooted in improvisational tasks as well as set material, we deconstruct and practice musicality and rhythmicality as a means to deepen our listening, sharpen our intuition and to enrich the expressiveness and playfulness of our dancing. If you too are a music lover, who gets that special kind of joy and fulfillment from exploring movement through music (and vice versa) - this one’s for you. And if you’re not (but might want to become one), this one’s for you too. 


The workshop leader Khadidiatou Bangoura is a sighted person. Some of the workshop concepts are based on a collaboration with Sabine Kuxdorf, a blind amateur dancer. 

Supported by TanzFaktur Köln

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