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A dance performance for blind, visually impaired and sighted audiences

11.08.2023 & 12.08.2023


Atelier 0.10 at Quartier am Hafen

Please direct your questions and inform us of your visit by Whatsapp under the following phone number 0151 677 48231 or by e-mail :




Approx. 450 meters ( 5 minutes by foot)


Coming from the train track in the direction of Zündorf on line 7, we take a left when exiting the train, i.e. continuing in the direction of travel, and follow the guiding line until we reach the attention field.


Coming from the railroad track in direction Benzelrath of line 7, we take a right  when exiting the train, i.e. against the direction of travel. There is a bollard in the middle at the end of the railroad track. Shortly after that there is a traffic light, which we cross.


Regardless from which direction we come, we keep right after the attention field or after crossing the road. After about 5 meters there are two bollards on the sidewalk. After about another 65 meters we turn right into Raiffeisenstraße. This is a street with residential houses. After about 30 meters there is a scaffold directly at the front of a house, which is about 1 meter wide and 14 meters long. This makes the sidewalk somewhat narrow, so we keep to the left. Note that although the scaffolding is there in July 2023, it may have been removed by August 2023. 


Then we keep to the right again and walk about 200 meters further along Raiffeisenstraße past Schreberstraße, which turns off to the left after about 170 meters. About 5 meters after Raiffeisenstraße starts to descend, there are 2 bollards in the middle of the sidewalk with a distance of about 1 meter to each other. After the bollards we continue walking for about 25 meters and turn left into Poller Kirchweg.

There are no traffic lights at the street crossings. Usually the sidewalks are free and there are no garbage cans, scooters or similar objects on the way. We continue straight ahead for about 120 meters, where after about 110 meters Krückelstraße turns left and there is a slightly raised sidewalk. On the opposite street, about 50 meters after turning into Poller Kirchweg, there is an ALDI. About 10 meters after Krückelstraße we cross the street where there is a slightly raised sidewalk. We are in front of the Quartier am Hafen. 


At the entrance of the Quartier am Hafen there is a small step. After the small step we are in the entrance area of the Quartier am Hafen. From there we go straight and follow the course of the path, which after about 5 meters takes a slight inclination to the right and for a few meters has a slight upward  inclination. We are in a corridor that is about 3 meters wide and continue walking straight for about 30 meters. We arrive at a large double door and walk through it. After the double door, we continue walking for about 20 meters until we reach Atelier 0.10, which is located on the left side of the corridor. This is where the performance will take place.

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